Facts About Vitamin D Deficiencies

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Did You Know? One of the best natural sources for vitamin D is by exposing our skin to sunlight. Did you ever wonder how animals can produce vitamin D through all that fur? Apparently, an animal’s skin produces an oil that is absorbed by the hair and once it is exposed to sunlight it produces vitamin D. They then ingest the vitamin D by licking their fur. For this reason, manufacturers of supplements often use sheep’s wool as a way to obtain Of course, if you aren’t getting enough sunshine there are better ways to get your vitamin D than by licking the cat.

Did You Know? Vitamin D deficiencies have been linked to 18 different cancers, such as: Breast, Prostate, Colon, Ovarian, Hodgkin’s Lymphoma

Did You Know? Other symptoms of vitamin D deficiencies may be heart disease, diabetes, depression, osteoporosis, multiple sclerosis, rheumatoid arthritis, lupus, hearing loss, high blood pressure and psoriasis.

Did You Know? A side effect of vitamin D deficiencies in babies is that they are twice as likely to develop schizophrenia later in life.

Did You Know? In addition to sunshine, there are vitamin D foods, such as eggs and cold water fish like salmon and sardines. Other types of vitamin D foods are nuts, seeds, and green leafy vegetables.

Did You Know? It only takes about 20 minutes of sunshine while in a bathing suit to get 20,000 I.U. of vitamin D. There has never been a case of vitamin D overdose from exposure to sunlight. Vitamin D toxicity from supplements generally requires repeated and gross overdosing over a period of months, or even years. Even then, it is rarely fatal.

Did You Know? One of the benefits of Vitamin D supplementation is that in winter you can still get sufficient levels of vitamin D, even though there is far less sunlight at that time of year.

Did You Know? Not all vitamins are created equal. An independent study done by the University of California on the long term use of vitamins and other supplements found some surprising, even shocking results. The health of many supplement users was no better than those who took no vitamin supplements at all. Click the blue link to read an entire article on the “Landmark Nutritional Study”

Click the blue link to read an entire article on the “Landmark Nutritional Study” to see which brand of vitamin supplements performed the best.

The Landmark Nutritional Study

: Vitamin D from a natural source.

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Facts About Vitamin D Deficiencies

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This article was published on 2010/12/07